Accessibility Information

at Roaring River State Park

Accessible SymbolThis symbol indicates that the specified area is fully compliant with Americans with Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines (ADAAG).

Accessible SymbolPARK OFFICE

This building was constructed in the 1930s by the Civilian Conservation Corps and was the original maintenance shop currently housing the park office. One accessible parking space is located adjacent to the pathway that leads to the office entrance. The parking space has a 5% slope as you pull in and a 0.5% cross slope. A large foyer area offers park and regional information inside the office. Staff is available to answer your questions.

Accessible SymbolDAY-USE AREAS 

Accessible, shady picnic sites are currently found near the park office and in the accessible playground/shelter area. An accessible parking space and extended-end table and pedestal grill are located here. Access is by a paved pathway.

  • This beautiful area sits near the river under large, shady trees. The shelter has seating for 60 people with extended-end tables and a group grill. The nearby mostly-level parking lot has one accessible parking space with a continuous paved pathway to the accessible playground, picnic site, water fountain and shelter. A flush toilet is located adjacent to the parking lot.
  • Modifications have not been made for accessibility due to the historic nature of this area. This shelter, constructed in the 1930s, has a concrete floor bordered by flagstone that is 4 inches higher than ground level. It accommodates 60 people and has a group grill and two fireplaces. Parking is along the roadside on gravel, with a 1-foot-tall historic rock wall. The restroom is also historic with steps and narrow passages.


Accessible SymbolEmory Melton Inn and Conference Center
  • Four accessible parking spaces are near the impressive lodge entrance for your convenience. As you enter the lodge, a service desk with friendly staff and a spacious lobby with rustic decor and comfortable furniture await you.
  • The inn offers 26 rooms, all of which have maneuverability, lower closet rods, lever-handled faucets, side-transfer toilets, shower transfer seats and adjustable height showerheads.
  • Public restrooms are designed for the use of all visitors.
Cabins and Fourplexes
  • At this time, private and duplex cabins have not been modified. One ground level unit of each fourplex has had minimal modifications. Some users may need assistance.

Accessible SymbolCAMPGROUNDS

Campground 1
  • Campground 1, which is located behind the park office, provides three accessible electric sites (5, 33 and 61). Each site contains lantern posts, fire grills and extended-end tables. Nearby are accessible water hydrants for your convenience. An accessible showerhouse has been constructed adjacent to the existing showerhouse and offers front-transfer toilets, roll-in showers with lever handles and lever-handled lavatories. Electrical outlets and hand dryers are easily reached.
  • The mostly level parking lot has two accessible spaces. At the far end of Campground #1 is an accessible vault toilet with a paved accessible parking space. The dump station in this campground has not been modified for accessibility.
Campgrounds 2 and 3
  • Campgrounds 2 and 3 are located on Highway F along the river. Three electric accessible sites (102, 109 - Campground 2; 122 - Campground 3) and four accessible basic sites (121, 164, 175, 184) are available in these two areas. Each site provides the same amenities as those in Campground 1.
  • The showerhouse in Campground 2 provides specific accessibility for each gender in the restrooms and a designated accessible shower area. The shower includes two separate showerheads with push button controls. There are paved sidewalks that provide access to the showers and restrooms from the designated accessible parking spot.
  • The laundries in campgrounds 1 and 3 have not been modified for accessibility. The doors do not have standard handles and machines are top operating.
  • The dump station located near this showerhouse may be accessible to most users. The flush-out is curb less and the hydrant has a straight handle.


  • Constructed in the 1930s, this organized group camp is situated on a hillside. There are paved pathways, but many have slopes in excess of 7%. 
  • Barracks 3 has a step-free entrance and ample maneuvering room for a wheelchair. Its restroom provides a front-transfer toilet and a roll-in shower. Lavatories can be accessed by chair only from the side. All other barracks have steps.
  • A water fountain located on natural turf is near the recreation hall which has a 1-inch high threshold. Once inside, the building is roomy.
  • The dining hall is set on a 6-inch foundation and some users may need assistance to enter.

Accessible SymbolNATURE CENTER 

The Ozark Chinquapin Nature Center has one accessible parking space adjacent to a paved path. This pathway leads past a water fountain to the porch entrance. Inside, a spacious room contains live animal exhibits, taxidermy exhibits, static exhibits, and more.

Accessible SymbolAMPHITHEATER 

The amphitheater has paved parking with two accessible parking spaces and a paved concrete pathway. Seating is available for wheelchair users.


This beautiful structure is typical of the master craftsmanship of the CCC. Still rock solid, it stands as a testament to the workers of that time. 

The interior of the building was renovated in 2016 and it includes seven suites with living space, lavatories, showers, and kitchen or kitchenette area. The lower level has an open space designed to be used for banquets or group meetings. Four suites are found on the first level and two of these suites have accessible access to restroom and shower amenities with shower units even with the floor. Each of the suites on this level provides access to the balcony. The three units in the top level of the building can only be reached by climbing a series of stairs and should not be considered accessible. A designated accessible paved parking space is found on the meeting room level of the building with several stairs required to reach the first suite level. The accessible suites on this level can be reached by parking in the upper level parking lot in the designated accessible space. The automatic entrance doors both open simultaneously to provide accessible entrance to the building.

Accessible restrooms are available in this building. The restrooms are found on the lower meeting room level and have a concrete floor, front-transfer toilets and lever-handled faucets. Restrooms are approached by a series of stone steps or by taking the path from the designated accessible parking space.

At the far end of the upper lodge parking lot, you can take a paved pathway to the spring overlook. An accessible parking space is located close to the CCC Lodge. The first 30 feet of the path is railed and has a slope of 7.5 to 9.3%, then the path levels out. A water fountain is available on this path if you turn toward the lodge. As you cross the overlook into the historic Department of Conservation hatchery, the pathway turns to flagstone. 

Accessible SymbolFISHING ACCESSES 

The first accessible fishing access is in Zone 1 (artificial flies and lures) located across from the spring dam, and provides one accessible parking space with an adjacent pathway to the curbed platform. This site accommodates several users and is usually shady. There is a second accessible fishing pier just up river from the first low water bridge. There is one designated accessible parking space along the CCC Lodge Road and a gravel path to the pier.

The second accessible fishing access is in Zone 2 (the fly zone) located in Campground #3. Two accessible parking spaces are located adjacent to a continuous concrete path that slopes to 5% before ending in a spacious curbed platform overlooking a deep pool. This access is sunny, but shade can be found close by.

There is a third accessible fishing pier just across from the fish cleaning station. There is one designated parking spot with a gravel path to the pier.

Accessible Symbol


The fish cleaning station is located across the road from the office. One accessible parking space is offered, but has a cross-slope of 4.2% in the aisle as you exit from your vehicle. The faucet has both round and T-shaped handles; however, the structure itself has a usable surface at 38 inches above the ground. There is a vault restroom structure nearby with two designated accessible parking spaces nearby.

Accessible SymbolTHE PARK STORE

The park store was opened in 2009 and it is accessible with two designated accessible parking spaces. The sidewalk is even with the parking lot allowing for no grade difference once the vehicle is exited. The vault toilet outside the store is accessible and easily reached from the designated accessible parking spaces.


The hatchery is managed by the Department of Conservation and is mostly paved with asphalt or the original flagstone. The parking lot is mostly level and has one accessible parking space. If flagstone is not a barrier, you can go view the spring under the bluff.

For more information, contact the park:

Roaring River State Park
12716 Farm Road 2239
Cassville, MO 65625
1-800-379-2419 TDD

Last updated: July 2024