Lodging Reservations

Eleven state parks accept lodging reservation through their concessionaires, while the other five offer reservations through the Centralized Reservation System. Refer to the information below to make a reservation at the park of your choice.

Parks with Concession-Operated Lodging

For the parks below, you will need to make reservations through the park's concessionaire. The links will take you to the individual park's lodging page where you will find more information on how to make a reservation at that park.

State Park Phone Lodging Inventory
Sam A. Baker State Park 573-856-4524 Cabins
Bennett Spring State Park 417-532-4307 Cabins, motel rooms, duplex units, four-plex units
Echo Bluff State Park 844-322-3246 Lodge rooms, cabins
Lake Wappapello State Park 888-543-2490 Cabins, camper cabins
Meramec State Park 573-468-6519 Cabins, duplex units, motel rooms
Montauk State Park 573-548-2434 Cabins, motel rooms, duplex units, four-plex units
Pomme de Terre State Park 417-852-1031 Yurts, lake house, camper cabins, marina cabin
Roaring River State Park 417-847-2330 Cabins, motel rooms/suites, duplex units
Stockton State Park 417-276-5329 Cabin, duplex units, camper cabins
Thousand Hills State Park 660-665-7119 Duplex units
Washington State Park 636-586-2995 Cabins
Parks that Use the Centralized Reservation System

Lodging reservations for these five state parks may be made by clicking here.

State Park Unit Occupants Per Night Fee* Change Fee Cancellation Fee
Big Lake State Park Premium camper cabin 1-6* $90 (on-season)
$95 (holiday)
$80 (off-season)
$10 $25
Johnson's Shut-Ins State Park Camper cabin 1-6*

$80 (on-season)
$75 (off-season)

$10 $25
Lake of the Ozarks State Park Outpost cabin 1-6

$50 (Sunday** through Thursday)
$55 (weekends) 

$10 $20
Lake of the Ozarks State Park Yurt 1-6*

$50 (Sunday** through Thursday)
$55 (weekends)

$10 $20
Table Rock State Park Premium yurt 1-6 $139 ($159 starting in 2024) $10 $25
Mark Twain State Park Camper cabin 1-6* $70 (on-season)
$65 (off-season)
$10 $25

* Tax is not included in the nightly fees listed and will be added at the time of transaction.
** Four adults and two children
*** The Sundays of Memorial Day and Labor Day weekends are subject to the weekend rate.