Reservation FAQs

Reservations can be made up until 7 p.m. CST the day of arrival. Most Missouri State Parks campgrounds are open with a number of social-distancing measures in place to improve the safety of operations for Missouri State Parks’ guests and staff. Please visit the park’s camping information webpage here.

Can I camp without a reservation?

Reservations are recommended to camp at Missouri State Parks campgrounds. Reservations may be made up until 7 p.m. CST the day of arrival.

Can I reserve a campsite for the same day?

Same-day reservations are available for camping stays and will be accepted online at or by phone at 877-422-6766 up until 7 p.m. the day of your planned arrival.

Can I modify an existing reservation?

If you have an existing reservation, you can modify your reservation (change and cancel policies apply) by visiting or calling toll-free at 1-877-422-6766.

I can’t log into my existing account and/or create a new account. What do I do?

If you have made online reservations with us in the past four years and provided us with an email, please click here to retrieve a temporary password to log on to the new and improved reservation system. If you have not provided us with your email, please contact the call center at 1-877-422-6766 for assistance.

I don’t have a computer. How can I make a reservation?

You can make a reservation by contacting the reservation call center at 877-422-6766, between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. CST daily.

I don’t have a smartphone. Can I still self-check-in?

Yes, you can complete self-check-in from a computer or smartphone at home before leaving for your trip or by sending a text message. Alternatively, you can check in upon your arrival by following the posted signage at the campsite. For more information on self-check-in, click here.

How does self-check-in work?

There are three ways to complete self-check in. To learn more, click here.

My phone isn’t reading the QR code when checking in at the campsite. Am I doing something wrong?

If using an older smartphone, your camera may not read the QR code and you will need to download a QR code reader app. Alternatively, you can enter the website listed on the campsite post check-in card to complete your check in.

How can I self-check-in at a campsite with little to no cellphone connectivity?

See the campsite post check-in card. Alternate instructions will be provided (i.e., go to the check station, campsite fee office, campground host, etc.).

Will the reservation fee be waived now that reservations are required to camp during on-season?

The reservation fee will still apply. The reservation fee is paid to the reservation contractor to provide the equipment, software, connectivity and call center necessary to provide a reservation system.

If I cancel my camping reservation, will I receive a full refund?

You can cancel your camping reservation up until 7 p.m. CST the night before your arrival to receive your refund minus a $10 cancellation fee and the nonrefundable $6.50 reservation fee when made online or the $8 reservation fee when made at the call center. If you cancel on the day of arrival, you will lose the fees for two nights camping, plus the cancellation and reservation fee.

Can I use camping coupons and gifts cards toward my visit?

Yes, for more information on making a reservation, click here.