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Campsite Capacity


A family outside their tent.The maximum number of people using a designated typical campsite is six and 12 for a family campsite. When the number of people wishing to occupy a single campsite exceeds six, the group will be defined as indivisible or divisible.

Indivisible: A group of people, campers, tents and vehicles that cannot be reasonably divided to occupy more than one campsite. Examples: parent(s) or guardian(s) with minor children or dependents; a single motor home or trailer with its occupants. An indivisible group of more than six people may occupy a single site.

Divisible: A group of people, campers, tents and vehicles that can be reasonably divided to occupy more than one campsite. Examples: grandparents, parents and youth; two sets of parents and their children that comprise more than six people. A divisible group may not occupy a single site.


To ensure a quality camping experience for visitors and to protect the natural and recreational resources of camping areas, Missouri State Parks administers capacity limits for each campsite as follows:

  • Two sleeping units, only one of which can be wheeled, and two additional non-sleeping modes of transportation are allowed. In addition, only one watercraft/all-terrain vehicle (ATV) trailer is allowed per campsite. Additional equipment may necessitate acquiring a second campsite.

The capacity for a family campsite is double the typical capacity listed above.  Family campsites currently are available at many campgrounds.

The facility manager must approve any exceptions to the campsite capacity limits.

Examples - Allowed
Examples - Not Allowed
  • Two tents, two vehicles
  • Tent, camping trailer, two vehicles
  • Tent, pop-up trailer, two vehicles
  • Van (non-sleeping), pop-up trailer, tent, vehicle
  • Motor home, tent, vehicle
  • Camping trailer, two vehicles, tent
  • Two motorcycles, pop-up trailer, tent
  • Two tents, vehicle, camping trailer
  • Motor home, vehicle, camping trailer
  • Two motor homes
  • Two motorcycles, two pop-up trailers
  • Two vehicles, camping trailer, two watercraft/ATV trailers

All wheeled equipment/vehicles must fit on the parking pad/area unless special management regulations of the facility allow parking along roads or grass adjacent to the campsite.

Facilities that permit parking of watercraft trailers off of the campsite pad (usually in the grass):

Sam A. Baker State Park
Big Lake State Park
Lake of the Ozarks State Park
Lake Wappapello State Park
Lewis and Clark State Park
Meramec State Park
Pomme de Terre State Park

Stockton State Park
Table Rock State Park
Thousand Hills State Park
Harry S Truman State Park
Mark Twain State Park
Watkins Woolen Mill State Park and State Historic Site