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Public Archaeology

One of the primary goals of the Missouri State Historic Preservation Office, or SHPO, is to promote public education and awareness concerning the nature and role of archaeological research in helping preserve Missouri’s unique and valuable cultural heritage.

All across Missouri, our state’s cultural past is being threatened as archaeological sites are disturbed and sometimes completely destroyed by human activities. These sites are critically important in our efforts to understand the lifeways and adaptations of past human societies that can only be revealed by studying the material remains preserved in the archaeological record.

It is important to build a strong and lasting awareness among the public about the ethical and proper treatment and ultimate disposition of archaeological remains. To that end, the Missouri SHPO has partnered with organizations such as the Missouri Archaeological Society and others to promote projects and events aimed at increasing public knowledge and awareness about Missouri archaeology and the importance of preserving the legacy of Missouri’s unique archaeological heritage for future generations.    

Missouri SHPO has also compiled a list of Archaeological Sites and Museums open to visitors throughout the state that provides an online guide for anyone who enjoys exploring Missouri’s past.   

Follow these links for information on public archaeology programs in the state:

For information on reporting archaeological sites, please consult our Archaeological Surveys page.