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at Knob Noster State Park

Accessible SymbolThis symbol indicates that the specified area is fully compliant with Americans with Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines (ADAAG).

Park Office/Visitor Center

The park office was built by the Works Progress Administration (WPA) and still retains much of its late-1930s architecture, but has been modified to allow greater accessibility. One parking space is designated in front of the building with a paved pathway to the entrance. At the entrance, there is a hump that may present a challenge for some visitors. Inside is a lobby with the office to the left and the visitor center to the right. There is a lip in the floor at the entrance to the exhibit hall.

The office takes reservations for the shelters and group camps. Campsite and special-use camping area fees can also be paid at the office when the campground contact station is closed (see office hours).

The visitor center contains exhibits of the history of the park and of local animals and plants on the main level. The lower level offers hands-on exhibits and interpretive programs. Some visitors may need assistance in reaching the lower level, either by stairs or a steep exterior ramp. Accessible restrooms are available; however, the doors open into a 3-foot hallway. An alternative parking space for weekend interpretive programs can be found behind the office, where a paved pathway leads to a rear entrance. There is currently a slight bump at the doorway due to settling in the walkway.


Accessible SymbolCamping

This wooded campground offers three electric and two full-hookup accessible campsites, along with two new accessible vault toilets. Campsites include an extended-end table, pedestal grill, fire ring and lantern post on a paved base.

Accessible SymbolShowerhouse

A new accessible showerhouse is available. A smaller, centrally located showerhouse, has been constructed to be accessible to all users. This showerhouse has a reserved, paved parking space and a water fountain. Inside, each room has a lavatory, toilet, urinal and roll-in shower.

Dump Station

The dump station has had modifications; however, the fresh water may be difficult for some to access.

Other Campground Amenities

The woodlot, amphitheater and campground playground have not been modified. Wood is available at the campground contact station.

Just outside the campground is a basketball court with a reserved parking space and a paved pathway to the court entrance.

Special-Use Area

This area consists of partially wooded, unimproved group campsites with picnic tables, fire rings and water hydrants. Some sites are level, but they have natural turf and there is no accessible toilet. 

WPA Shelter Area


This shelter has been renovated to be historically accurate with the addition of extended-end tables, an accessible water fountain and a gravel pathway to parking. It accommodates up to 100 people and has a group grill and a fireplace. Parking is not marked, but the large lot is level. The path to the shelter has slopes that exceed accessibility standards. 


The restroom is also a historic structure and cannot be modified, although grab-bars have been installed for the front-transfer toilets. The restroom is down an 8% to 10% slope ending in gravel and has a confined entrance with a flagstone base.

Picnic Area

There are no accessible individual picnic sites in this area.

Accessible SymbolLake Buteo Shelter

This shady hilltop shelter overlooking Buteo Lake can be reserved for up to 35 people and has two extended-end tables and a group grill. A parking space is reserved and access is by 3-foot wide semi-paved pathway at slopes of less than 5%. A new accessible vault toilet is available in this area.

Accessible SymbolClearfork Lake Day-Use Area

Two shady, individual picnic sites have been constructed for accessibility. They are equipped with extended-end tables, pedestal grills and benches. An accessible restroom with a reserved parking space is just down the road near the shelter. 

The playground in this area has not been modified.

Clearfork Shelter sits above the lake and provides extended-end tables, a water fountain and a group grill for up to 50 people. A paved pathway allows access to a reserved parking space located across the road. An accessible restroom is nearby.

Opossum Hollow Day-Use Area

At the end of Opossum Hollow Road, you'll find a shady, private picnic site near the lake. A paved path adjacent to the designated parking space takes you to the site, which has an extended-end table and a pedestal grill. There is no accessible toilet in this area.

McAdoo Trailhead

For day-rides, the McAdoo Trailhead provides level trailer parking on packed gravel. The trail allows hiking and horses, and winds through hills, across streams and along Clearfork Creek. Some sections of trail have steep grades or may have standing water.

The trailhead has an accessible vault toilet, an accessible picnic table and pedestal grill, and an accessible loading dock and manure pit.

Group Camps

Camp Shawnee

This historic camp contains the original late-1930s architecture of the WPA. Being listed in the National Register of Historic Places, the camp has not been modified for accessibility. All main buildings have steps and doorways less than 3 feet wide. Access is across natural turf. Paved roads connect the main buildings. Gravel roads connect the cabins and showerhouses.

A paved ball court is approached over level, natural turf.

Camp Bobwhite

Camp Bobwhite allows for a little more maneuverability than Camp Shawnee. A gravel road circles through the mostly level camp connecting all buildings. While not considered accessible, some modifications have been made.

The six cabins hold 24 people each. Doorways have 34-inch openings and the lower bunk beds are accessible. Cabins #2 and #6 have side-transfer toilets and shower stalls. The shower units have hand held showerheads, but some may encounter difficulty with the handles. Similarly, the lavatory faucet handles may be difficult for some. The pathways to the cabins are of packed gravel fines. At this time, some cabins have a 4-to-6-inch step.

The infirmary houses 12 people and has 34-inch doorways. A paved drive leads up to a concrete path to the entrance. The restrooms have not been modified. 

The rustic dining lodge has a parking area of packed gravel fines adjacent to a concrete apron with a 15% slope. Inside, tables are accessible. This building does not have a restroom.

A paved pathway leads from the drive to the entrance of the recreation hall, where there is a 6-inch step.

A flush restroom is located farther down the drive, but has not been modified at this time.

Access to the pool house is across a gravel path with a 4-inch step onto the porch. An easier means of access may be through the back gate onto the pool deck. The pool has a ramp and an accessible wheelchair lift for easier entry.

A paved ball court is approached over level, natural turf.

For more information, contact the park:

Knob Noster State Park
873 SE 10
Knob Noster, MO 65336-2011
1-800-379-2419 TDD

Last updated: March 2024