Donation and Adoption Opportunities

at Katy Trail State Park

a group of people take a break on a bench overlooking the Missouri  RiverMany citizens have made monetary donations to Katy Trail State Park, from a few dollars to several thousand. Such generosity is always appreciated and welcome. Below are a few ways that you can make a donation to Katy Trail State Park. 

Adoption Options


Businesses and individuals can adopt a mile of Katy Trail State Park on an annual basis. You may choose your mile or if you prefer, one will be designated for you. The fee includes a sign at each end of the mile designating the person or group adopting the mile. Fees go toward interpretation along the trail, and to train and provide uniforms for Katy Trail State Park volunteers. For a prorated fee, you can commit to 50 hours of volunteer service annually. You will need to sign up as a volunteer for Katy Trail State ParkSign up here for Katy Trail State Park opportunities.

How to adopt a mile: Fill out and send in the Katy Trail Donation Form.


There are 26 designated trailheads and two parking areas along the trail. Adopting a trailhead or parking area provides increased opportunities for interpretive and visitor services at these high-use areas. A sign placed on the info depot located at the trailhead recognizes adopters. With a commitment of 50 hours of volunteer service annually, your fee is prorated. You will need to sign up as a volunteer for Katy Trail State Park. Sign up here for Katy Trail State Park opportunities.

How to adopt a trailhead: Fill out and send in the Katy Trail Donation Form.

Standard Donations

A standard donation for one of the following items can be made anytime during the  year. Missouri State Parks will purchase and install the item and will maintain the donated item for a period of 10 years. After the 10-year period has lapsed, the item may remain, but the donor recognition will be removed, unless renewed.

If donors wish to ensure the marker is permanent, Missouri State Parks will continue to replace the item in perpetuity at its own expense under the following condition. For a permanent donation, the cost listed for a 10-year period should be multiplied by 2.5.

All wording on donation plaques will be "In memory of," "In honor of," "Dedicated to" or "Donated by." This is the only phrasing that will be allowed.

The following items can be donated: (For costs, check the Katy Trail Donation Form.)
Bicycle Racks

Bicycling is a very popular activity in Katy Trail State Park. There are times when visitors may need to secure their bicycles while momentarily out of sight at trailheads or popular areas. Donating funds for a bicycle rack will help provide this amenity, prevent theft and organize bicycle parking in high-use areas. 

Picnic Tables

Many visitors request picnic tables at trailheads, thus by donating funds for a picnic table, you will help enhance the Katy Trail State Park experience for family and friends. There is the opportunity to place one or two tables at each trailhead. 

Trail Bench

One way you can honor or memorialize someone is to donate the funds for a trail bench. With 240 miles of trail, the need for benches is considerable. Nearly every visitor will use a bench while enjoying the Katy Trail. The bench will be placed within 15 feet of the trail surface in an accessible location selected by park staff. Because of maintenance issues, enhancements or additional landscaping will not be allowed at the selected bench locations. 

Wayside Exhibit

Around each gentle bend in the trail, there is a story waiting to be told. From the campsites of the Lewis and Clark Expedition to the frontier towns to steamboats lost to the Big Muddy, Katy Trail State Park needs additional interpretation. One of the best ways to tell these stories is through the placement of wayside exhibits at key locations.

A wayside exhibit donation includes the research, writing, graphic design, panel fabrication and installation of of the in-ground exhibit base and frame, which includes the donor information. Research, development and installation generally takes park staff four to six months to complete.

How to make donations for the above items: Fill out and send in the Katy Trail Donation Form.

Donation Box

If you enjoy the Katy Trail and wish to make a donation, boxes are located at trailheads all along Katy Trail State Park. Your contributions will be used for maintenance, repair and interpretation.


A donation of money is not the only way to provide assistance for Katy Trail State Park. Every year, volunteers log thousands of hours helping along the trail. For information on becoming a Katy Trail State Park volunteer, contact the Missouri State Parks' volunteer coordinator at 800-334-6946 or click here.