Organized Group Camp

at Crowder State Park

kids sitting around a campfireCamp Grand River

Camp Grand River, a group camp, is available to nonprofit organizations. It has a maximum capacity of 120 and a minimum of 55 people.

Group Camp Amenities

  • Recreation Hall:
    The recreation hall is a large open building that is often used as a meeting room, classroom or arts and crafts room. It has tables and benches for seating and there is a projection screen on one end of  the building.
  • Dining Hall/Kitchen:
    The dining hall/kitchen has folding tables and a fully-equipped kitchen including a walk-in cooler, freezers, commercial dishwasher, ice maker, steam table, commercial mixer, microwave, coffee pots, toasters, two ranges, a griddle and dishes.
  • Cabins:
    Each of the six cabins have nine bunk beds in an open room, one private counselor's room, and a bathroom with two showers and two toilets. The cabins are divided into two groups of three that are separated by the baseball area.
  • Staff/Infirmary Building:
    The staff/infirmary building has a few private rooms for campers who become ill, as well as rooms that will house staff.
  • Fire Ring Area:
    The fire ring area is located near the dining hall. 
  • Amphitheater:
    The amphitheater is located near the basketball court.
  • Trail:
    Tall Oaks Trail is easily accessed from the group camp. This 3-mile trail circles the group camp and goes through several habitats. The trail runs on the back side of 18-acre Crowder Lake.


How to Apply

The group camp capacity is 120 with a minimum of 55. The camp is available from April 15 through Oct. 15. Reservations must be made in advance; applications may be obtained by clicking on the "Group Camp Application" link to the right or by calling 660-359-6473. Applications must be returned to the park office no earlier than 11 months prior to the expected date of arrival and no later than Oct. 16. A group camp schedule will be developed and set no later than Nov. 15. Any group applying after Oct. 16 will only be considered for open dates.

About Crowder State Park

Crowder State Park is home to more than 17 miles of trail that allow for hours of exploration among the shaded forests and open bottomlands of the park. Mountain biking is allowed on approximately 15 miles of the park's trails. The park is a 1,912-acre tract of rugged terrain surrounded by level farmland. The park was established in 1938 and was named after former local resident Maj. Gen. Enoch Herbert Crowder. Crowder is best known as the "father of the selective service" due to his authorship of the Selective Service Act, which was established in 1917 to help recruit soldiers in World War I.

Crowder State Park is located 4 miles from the town of Trenton and less than 10 miles from the town of Jamesport. There are many activities to be enjoyed in these neighboring towns. 

For application information, please call 660-359-6473.

exterior of the dining hall dishes stacked in the kitchen an open play field