Active Advisories

Dec 1, 2014 until further notice

Rough areas, minor debris and downed trees can occur at any time on any section of the trail due to weather variations. Staff and equipment could be encountered on the

Nov 7, 2014 until further notice

Trail users should exercise caution near MM 232.9 (Green Ridge) for the remainder of 2014.  Electrical transmission line installation work will be done on both sides of the trail during this time.

Oct 31, 2014 - Mar 31, 2015

All modern restrooms at trailheads with this amenity have been winterized and closed for the season.  It is anticipated they will reopen April 1, 2015.  Vault toilets will remain open over winter.  Additionally, portable toilets will be placed at several of the trailheads that get winterized, as a convenience to trail users.  Below is a list of trailheads with restrooms that will remain open, and a list of trailheads with restrooms that will be closed:

Aug 1, 2014 - Dec 26, 2014

Three bridges will be replaced on the Katy Trail this fall, one at MM 105.7 near Rhineland, one at MM 93.5 near Gore and one at MM 77.4 just east of Marthasville. Anticipated reopening of the bridges has changed due to some weather delays. The bridges at MM 105.7 and MM 93.5 are expected to reopen on Dec. 19, and the bridge at MM 77.4 by Dec. 26.....

Apr 15, 2013 until further notice

While construction continues on the new I-64 Daniel Boone Bridge over the Missouri River, trail users should be alert to possible delays ...