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Park Trails

at Lake Wappapello State Park

Allison Cemetery Trail

  • Hiking

Length: 2.5 Miles View map

Allison Cemetery Trail provides an easy walk to the pre-Civil War Allison-Connor Cemetery with a mile or more of trail underneath the canopy of deciduous forest.  Traveling clockwise along the trail, hikers will travel along the rocky lake shore and up a steep ridge near the end of their hike. Here, they will arrive at the park’s shelter house #1 day-use area with playground and restroom.  This part of the trail also shares tread with the Lake View Trail. Two park benches, one at the cemetery and one on the steep shared section, provide excellent vistas of the lake and make excellent resting spots. White connectors 1 and 2 allow for shorter hikes.

Length Estimated Hiking Time Type Blazes Trailhead
2.5 Miles 2 hours Loop Green 1.) On Cabin Road; 2.) At the shelter 1 picnic area; 3.) For cabin guests only: At the end of Cabin Road near cabin 7

Asher Creek Trail

  • Hiking

Length: 2.75 Miles View map

Asher Creek Trail should be traveled counter clockwise on the hillside that stretches up Asher Creek Valley. During winter, the main arm of the lake is a designated waterfowl refuge (or resting area) making Asher Creek Trail an excellent area for viewing wildlife just about any time of the year. There are a few steep climbs on the trail but it rewards hikers with an easy trek along the shore and a bench for resting. Two picturesque footbridges provide good photo opportunities. Hikers on this trail frequently encounter deer or turkey or other wildlife. At the beginning of the hike near the trailhead, Asher Creek Trail shares tread with equestrian and bicycle users on the Lake Wappapello Trail. White connectors 3 and 4 provide options for shorter hikes. 



Length Estimated Hiking Time Type Blazes Trailhead
2.75 Miles 2 hours Loop Red At the Lake Wappapello Trail trailhead near the park’s entrance; follow the trail until it connects to the Asher Creek Trail. Campers may access the trail in the Asher Creek Campground in the on-season

Lake View Trail

  • Hiking

Length: .70 Mile View map

Excellent views of the lake, especially during late fall and early spring, are rewards for hiking this short tree-lined trail. Hikers are urged to navigate this trail in a clockwise direction. A resting bench is located about a quarter of the way in, along a section that shares the tread with the Allison Cemetery Trail. Hikers are encouraged to watch for shore birds and birds of prey such as eagles and ospreys as they soar near the shoreline or perch in the nearby treetops.  

Length Estimated Hiking Time Type Blazes Trailhead
.70 Mile 30 minutes Loop Blue

Shelter 1 Day-Use Area at the end of Hwy. 172

Lake Wappapello Trail

  • Backpacking
  • Bicycling/Mountain Biking
  • Hiking
  • Horseback Riding

Length: 12.75 Miles View map

Hikers, bikers, backpackers and equestrians will all find challenges and inspiration as they traverse the varied and rugged Ozark terrain on this trail. Counter clockwise travel on the trail is recommended. The trail offers shoreline views, open fields and cherty Ozark hillsides. Trail users can expect to find a host of wildlife viewing opportunities along the varied terrains. The trail leaves park property, crosses other public lands, and connects with other public trails. Please register at the trailhead or park office.  Certain portions of the trail are closed to overnight camping and overnight equestrian use in not allowed. The trail shares a trailhead and a section with Asher Creek Trail where it crosses Highway 172 near the park entrance. The trail also intersects with the Lake Wappapello Section of the Ozark Trail. 


Length Estimated Hiking Time Type Blazes Trailhead
12.75 Miles 9 hours, 35 minutes Loop Yellow 1.) For Hikers: At Lake Wappapello Trail Road at the park’s entrance; 2.) For Equestrian Riders: A large parking area and staging area located farther down the road