Accessibility Information

at Annie and Abel Van Meter State Park

Accessible SymbolThis symbol indicates that the specified area is fully compliant with Americans with Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines (ADAAG).

Accessible SymbolMissouri’s American Indian Cultural Center

The visitor center offers a handicap parking space adjacent to the entrance, which has power-assisted doors. As you enter, you’ll see the information desk and gift shop on your left. An accessible water fountain and restrooms are available with power-assisted doors, front-transfer toilets, lowered mirrors and accessible lavatories. An audio-visual room offers plenty of space to view an informative slideshow interpreting the park’s history. The center has hands-on and glassed-in exhibits.

Accessible SymbolCampground

The campground offers one concrete paved electric site located near the showerhouse. The site has an extended-end table, fire ring, pedestal grill and lantern post. Level, paved parking with one handicap parking space is available for the showerhouse. A paved path connects the parking lot with an information kiosk, water hydrant, off-season accessible vault toilet and showerhouse. The space before the entry doors has a slight slope. Inside the showerhouse you’ll find accessible lavatories, lowered mirrors, electric hand dryers, front transfer toilets and roll-in showers.

Day-Use Area

This area is level with paved parking and is located under large, shady trees.

Shelter 1 / Earthworks Trail / Memorial Trail
  • One handicap parking space is located adjacent to the shelter where you’ll find seating for 96 people, an extended-end table, electric service, a group grill and two fireplaces.
  • Earthworks Trail has dirt tread with many roots, steep inclines and can be slippery after it rains.
  • Memorial Trail consists of a steep grade with a dirt and turf tread. On the north portion of the trail, there are roots and timbers used to prevent erosion. On the south portion the trail is grass, but has a steep incline. A wall encloses the Vanmeter Family Cemetery with stairs accessing the site.
Shelter 2 / Oumessourit Wetland Boardwalk Trail / Oumessourit Wetland Bluff Trail
  • This shelter also has a handicap parking space with a paved path leading past a water fountain to the entrance. Inside you’ll find seating for 35 people with an extended-end table, a group grill, electric service and two fireplaces.
  • Both the Oumessourit Wetland Boardwalk and Oumessourit Wetland Bluff trail are fairly level with dirt and turf tread, and can be muddy a while after it rains. The boardwalks have a metal grate, and require a step up on to the walking surface.
Picnic Sites
  • Between the two shelters are two accessible picnic sites with a handicap parking space, pedestal grills, water fountain and a paved pathway connecting to the playground and showerhouse.
  • The playground has a sand base and is not accessible at this time; however, a shady sitting area is provided for observation.

Other Parking Areas / Trails

The Lake Area/Loess Hills Trail / Missouri River Overlook Trail
  • The parking lot located above Lake Wooldridge is paved and level. The dirt trail to the lake involves slopes in excess of 6%. Bank fishing is allowed and access is typically from the lake dam, which is riprapped with large rock.
  • Loess Hills Trail is quite variable in terrain with inclines greater than 10%, consisting mostly of dirt tread, with roots and other obstacles.
  • Missouri River Overlook Trail is fairly level, with crushed stone tread. At the overlook there is a level metal grate platform and bench.
The Mound Area / north Earthworks Trailhead
  • Parking is paved with a slight slope. Access to the mounds is over grass turf.
  • The path to the ‘Old Fort’ is of dirt and has very little slope. In dry weather, wheelchairs may access the site with some assistance, which is needed due to some tree roots and natural variations in the levelness of the trail.

For more information, contact the park:

Annie and Abel Van Meter State Park
32146 North Highway 122
Miami, MO 65344
1-800-379-2419 TDD

Last updated: March 2019