Accessibility Information

at Missouri State Museum

Jefferson Landing State Historic Site

These two buildings are located on the hillside along the riverfront. Curbside parking is provided by the city. There are cub cuts in the sidewalks at the corner intersections of Jefferson and Water streets.

Union Hotel

At this time, there is no accessible parking. The city sidewalk has a 4.7% slope. Midway up the sidewalk is a brick pathway to the hotel, which houses the Elizabeth Rozier Gallery. The pathway starts out with a short 8-foot slope of 8.5% and then becomes level. Inside is a large foyer with a spacious exhibit room. Exhibits are always arranged with accessibility in mind.

Lohman Building

Accessible parking is not available at this time. The most accessible parking is parallel and adjacent to the building. Here, a concrete sidewalk has a 4.7% slope to the base of the hill where the walkway turns to flagstone. A railed ramp assists entry into the museum, which has brick flooring. There is a button assist door opener. Exhibits are in glass cases or are free standing. The audio-visual room is accessible and has plenty of space for seating.

Missouri State Museum/Capitol

The Missouri State Museum is located on the first floor of the state Capitol building. The Capitol building and grounds are shared by many state agencies and elected officials. Information on accessing the Capitol can be found on the State of Missouri Disability Portal, at:

Information for visitors seeking sensory-friendly accommodations:

The Missouri State Museum is inside the Missouri state Capitol. The Capitol houses government offices and the chambers of the state’s General Assembly and is often a location for rallies and events. It can be noisy and chaotic, especially during the session of the General Assembly. The General Assembly meets from early January through mid-May.

The museum and Capitol are typically quieter on weekends throughout the year, especially on Sundays. Summertime is also quieter, but may have busy days or times during the week. To help plan your visit, please call the museum’s tour desk at 573-751-4127 between 9:30 a.m. and 4 p.m. to ask about the day’s tours or events.

Preparing for your visit

Social story to view with your child pre-visit:

During your visit

A quiet corner: Currently, there are no designated quiet rooms in the Capitol. There are some quieter places throughout the building. Some suggestions:

  • Restrooms on the third and fourth floors.

  • Family restroom in basement near the cafe (west end).
  • Restroom in the basement-level elevator lobby on east end of the Capitol.

For more information, contact the historic site:

Jefferson Landing State Historic Site
100 Jefferson St.
Jefferson City, MO 65101
1-800-379-2419 TDD

Last updated: September 2020