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The view of the lake from inside the dining facility at Thousand Hills State ParkThe natural beauty and outdoor activities in Missouri state parks set the stage for hearty appetites, and dining opportunities in 12 state parks will fill every need. These range from full-course meals at dining lodges to convenient grills and snack bars.

The settings for a full-course meal can range from the historic J. Huston Tavern built in 1834 at Arrow Rock State Historic Site to full-service breakfast, lunch and dinner at the modern restaurant in the Emory Melton Inn and Conference Center at Roaring River State Park and the Creekside Grill at Echo Bluff State Park. The craftsmanship of the 1930s Civilian Conservation Corps can be seen as you enjoy a dinner of rainbow trout at Bennett Spring State Park, and you can appreciate a great meal as you take in the views of the water while dining at Thousand Hills State Park (pictured). Stop by for a full breakfast, lunch or dinner menu or a smaller meal at the snack shop at Montauk State Park.

For a simpler quick meal from the grill, check out the cheeseburgers and chicken sandwiches at Meramec State Park, the pork tenderloin and salads at Stockton State Park, or the pizzas and burgers at Sam A. Baker State Park. For a quick bite straight from the beach or the lake, try the snack bar at Harry S Truman State ParkWashington State Park or Pomme de Terre State Park.