Accessibility Information

at Mark Twain State Park

Accessible SymbolThis symbol indicates that the specified area is fully compliant with Americans with Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines (ADAAG).

Highway 107 Recreation Area

Boat Ramp Area
  • A large asphalt parking lot has four level spaces striped for those with mobility impairments. A curb cut at this point allows access to the information board. The boat ramp has slopes from 6.7% to 8.3% and allows for more than one user at a time. An accessible vault toilet is located near the entrance of the parking lot. Courtesy docks and picnicking are not accessible at this time.
Beach Area
  • This sunny area has two asphalt parking lots with unmarked spaces. Spaces closest to the change house are the most level; however, neither of the two lots has steep slopes. Concrete pathways lead to the change house, which has 5-foot square changing rooms and accessible restrooms. Two changing rooms accommodate multiple users. The parking lot is on an average slope of 1.8%, and the path to the beach is of sand. Some users may need assistance. There is no shade in this area.
  • Aside from service animals assisting people with disabilities, pets are not allowed in the beach area.

Route U Boat Ramp Area

  • This boat ramp has a 4% to 8% slope and accommodates two users at a time. Courtesy docks have not been modified for accessibility.
  • Leading up to the parking lot is a concrete path 450 feet long. This path has a railing and a slope of 4.1% to 6.5%. At the top are five asphalt parking spaces sharing access aisles directly in front of an accessible vault toilet.

Accessible SymbolBuzzard's Roost Picnic Area

  • This beautiful area was first developed in 1941 by the Civilian Conservation Corps. You can still see some of their architecture, especially in the open shelter at the end of the area. This shelter has electrical outlets and lights, and is accessible with a group grill and an extended-end table. The path to the shelter is gravel. The option of driving up closer to the shelter is available by prior permission. The shelter accommodates up to 45 people and may be reserved. An accessible vault toilet and a water fountain are available in this area.
  • Also in this area are scenic overlooks. Because the paths to the overlooks are of flagstone, some visitors may need assistance.
  • An enclosed shelter, located midway through the picnic area, is available to groups. This shelter is accessible with a kitchen, restroom and group grill. It can be reserved for up to 100 people.
  • An accessible picnic site is available and is equipped with a pedestal grill and an extended-end table. Located adjacent to the site is an information board.

Accessible SymbolCampground

  • This wooded campground has two seasonal campground hosts to welcome you and answer your questions. Three electric and three basic sites have been constructed to accommodate any user and are equipped with a fire ring, extended-end table and lantern post, all on a concrete pad. Assistance may be requested through the hosts for such things as firewood. Accessible trash dumpsters are located near the entrance of the campground. The dump station has been designed to accommodate most users.
  • Showerhouse 1 is accessible to many but has front-transfer toilets and some areas have a 4-foot turning radius. Showerhouse 2 is more accessible.
  • Accessible vault toilets and water hydrants are spaced throughout the campground for your convenience.
  • The amphitheater has a handicap parking space and paved pathway with chair spaces in several locations.
Accessible SymbolCamper Cabin
  • One of the camper cabins in the campground is accessible with a grill, a fire pit and an accessible picnic table.
Campground Boat Launch
  • A boat launch is located at the end of the campground and has a slope of 4.5% to 8.2% and accommodates one user at a time. A level area at the top of the launch allows for loading. The path from the parking lot to the launch is of gravel-filled ties.
Accessible SymbolCampground Fish Cleaning Station
  • Located above the launch, at the end of the parking lot, is a fish-cleaning station. This station was developed for all users and has a handicap parking space.
Special-Use Area
  • The special-use area is not modified for accessibility.

For more information, contact the park:

Mark Twain State Park
37352 Shrine Road
Florida, MO 65283
1-800-379-2419 TDD

Last updated: June 2024