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Missouri History Activities

at First Missouri State Capitol State Historic Site

Are you learning about early Missouri state history? We’d love for you to visit us at First Missouri State Capitol. Before you get here, check out some of our fun and educational activity pages.

If you can’t come in person, contact us at 636-940-3322 for information about the site and programs we offer.
Make sure to check back soon for additional resources.

Great Seal Coloring Page

Did you know Missouri has a State Seal? Check out this coloring sheet to learn about our State Seal’s history and meaning. Print a copy to color your own!

Print a copy to color your own!

Scramble for Statehood

Solve these scrambles and learn some new words connected to the First Missouri State Capitol.

What doesn’t belong?

The senate chamber back in 1821 had a lot of stuff in it. Take a look at this sketch of the chamber. Can you find all 11 objects that wouldn’t have been around in the 1820s?

Journey to the City of Jefferson

Today, it would take under two hours to get from Capitol (St. Charles) to Capitol (Jefferson City). In 1826, when the state Capitol officially moved to Jefferson City, it took a bit longer. Print out this game and play to see how long it would take to get from Capitol to Capitol.

Seek n’ Find

Historians are history detectives. Be a history detective and see if you can find hidden words in this word search. Each word is connected to the First Missouri State Capitol!

Crossword Puzzle

Help us solve some history mysteries by printing and solving this crossword. You can visit the First Missouri State Capitol for hints if you get stuck.