Accessibility Information

at St. Joe State Park

Accessible SymbolThis symbol indicates that the specified area is fully compliant with Americans with Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines (ADAAG).

Accessible Symbol


Visitors of all abilities can enjoy birding along Lakeview and Paved Bicycle trails. These trail have information and signage, rest areas, mostly manageable surfaces, and many other ADA considerations.

To find additional locations that are accessible, visit Birdability to view their accessible birding trails maps.

Accessible SymbolPark Office

One accessible parking space is located adjacent to a paved pathway leading to the entrance of the park office. Alternatively, you may use the drive-up window to receive information and pay fees.

Accessible SymbolPim Day-Use Area 

  • The upper shelter, Shelter 2, has one accessible parking space with an adjacent paved pathway and a water fountain. The shelter has seating for 40 people, with extended-end tables and a group grill. You can also access the paved trail from this location, which is accessible for four-tenths of a mile. 
  • The lower shelter, Shelter 1, also has an accessible parking space with a 1.4% cross-slope, paved pathway and water fountain. This shelter accommodates 80 people with extended-end tables and a group grill.
  • A shady picnic site is located alongside the path and provides a pedestal grill, extended-end table and a bench. 
  • An accessible vault toilet is located between the two shelters and has paved pathways that connect to another picnic site and an accessible parking space.
  • The playground has been constructed to be accessible to all visitors. Concrete ramps lead to compacted wood chips. There is also a transfer station on the play structure.

Accessible SymbolMonsanto Lake Beach Area 

  • This level area is designed for all users and offers paved parking with four accessible spaces and paved paths to the vault toilet and change house. The shelter house, Shelter 6, and water’s edge is accessed via concrete walkways. The shelter house provides seating for 40 with extended-end tables and a large group grill. 
  • The beach is sunny. Benches are accessible via a concrete walkway. A paved ramp with minimal slope is provided for wheelchair access into the water. A sand volleyball area surrounded by grass is also at this location. The concrete walkways lead to an accessible floating fishing dock. A boat ramp is also available. 
  • Lakeview Trail is paved for the first two-tenths of a mile with no greater than a 5% slope. Sitting areas overlooking the lake provide opportunities to rest.

Accessible SymbolORV Staging Area

  • This is a large, level gravel parking lot with loading ramps. Two extended-end picnic tables, located on gravel, are available. Around the perimeter are three small picnic shelters (shelters 3, 4 and 5), which have a group grill and seating for 32. Water is located at those locations. 
  • The vault toilet on the far side has a paved pathway and is accessible. 
  • The accessible change house and vault toilet, on the near side, are connected to the parking lot by paved pathways, which also lead to a water fountain and a picnic shelter.
  • Pim Beach has level gravel parking in the nearby boat trailer area. Concrete walkways offer access to benches and the sand beach. The walkway extends to the water’s edge for wheelchair access into the water. The boat launch is gravel with a level area for staging and parking. 

Accessible SymbolCampground # 1 (ORV)

  • The campground offers two electric and one basic accessible campsite. Each site provides paved parking with a packed gravel picnic area containing an extended-end table, fire ring and lantern post. Vault toilets are available for those sites farthest from the showerhouse. Water hydrants on paved pads are conveniently located throughout the campground. 
  • The showerhouse provides two individual shower rooms with upper and lower push button showerheads, and one front-transfer toilet and one accessible lavatory for each gender. The path from the parking space is paved.
  • The playground is not accessible.
  • The dump station is paved for access to the two towers and fresh water hydrant.

Accessible SymbolCampground # 2 (Equestrian)

  • This wooded area has an accessible vault toilet with a water fountain connected by a paved pathway. The accessible sites are of packed gravel with an extended-end table, fire ring, pedestal grill and lantern post. Hitching posts are provided. Water hydrants on paved pads can be found at the vault toilets and scattered through the campground. 

Accessible SymbolORV Contact Station

  • The ORV Contact Station, located in the ORV Staging Area, sells ORV permits, ice and resale merchandise. The covered outdoor dining area is accessible, as are the picnic tables. The area has paved, signed parking and concrete walkways. ADA accessible flush toilets are nearby and open for use during on-season business hours.

Accessible SymbolEquestrian Day-Use Area

  • A large, level, paved parking lot allows plenty of room for your use. One accessible parking space is large enough for a single articulated vehicle with an adjacent paved picnic site. The picnic site provides a pedestal grill and extended-end table. An accessible vault toilet and water fountain is also located nearby.

Accessible SymbolTrails 

Harris Branch Trailhead
  • Here, you’ll find paved parking with one accessible parking space adjacent to a paved pathway. The pathway connects one accessible picnic site and vault toilet to the paved trail.
  • Across the road, only one-eighth mile of trail is accessible before you hit an 8% slope. Going from the side with parking, there is a mile of 4% to 5% slope going uphill with short, level spaces before the slope increases to 6% to 7%. 
Blankshire Trailhead
  • Likewise, this trailhead has an accessible parking space, picnic site and vault toilet with a water fountain and access to the paved trail. This site has more shade.
  • The first three-fourths mile, going across the road, is mostly level to gentle slopes with only two slopes up to 6%. Going from the side with parking, the first three-eighths mile has 1% to 4% slopes before you encounter a 7% downhill slope.
Missouri Mines Trailhead, Farmington Trailhead and Pim Day-Use Area Trailhead
  • Each of the other three trailheads have accessible parking available. 

Trailside Camping Area

This sunny area is of mostly level grass turf with scattered picnic tables under trees. Modifications for accessibility have not been made.

For more information, contact the park:

St. Joe State Park
2800 Pimville Road
Park Hills, MO  63601
1-800-379-2419 TDD

Last updated: April 2021