Accessibility Information

at First Missouri State Capitol State Historic Site

First Missouri State Capitol State Historic Site is the first seat of the state’s government. Its rough hewn timbers and dark wood floors whisper the tales of the state’s first legislature. Interpretive programs and tours help visitors understand how the state’s government was formed and what life was like in the early 1800s. This building is on the National Register of Historic Places.

Due to the historic nature of the site, there are some aspects of the visit that people need to be aware of before they visit.


The historic site has no designated parking places for its visitors. There is parking available along Main Street, along Riverside Drive and in two parking areas directly adjacent to the site. Parking is free and plentiful in this area. Some handicapped slots are available in the adjacent parking lots. Curb cuts on Main Street are minimal, happening only at intersections.

The nature of historic buildings and neighborhoods sometimes preclude ease in getting around and into them. The sidewalk in front of the historic site is made of flagstone, which causes difficulties for some people. There are stone stairs to enter some rooms and uneven surfaces throughout the site.

Visitor Center

The first floor of the visitor center, located at 200 S. Main St., contains exhibits and souvenirs for the site. There is also a film on the restoration of the building. The first floor is completely accessible and has a water fountain. This location also has a video of the tour for people who are unwilling or unable to negotiate the steep staircases used to enter the second floor of the historic site.

Historic Site Tours

On the tour of the capitol, visitors are treated to a guided experience through 1820. The first floor is accessed with two stairs in the front, and with as little as an hour’s notice, a ramp can be put out making this part of the tour accessible. 

The second floor of the capitol is up very steep, narrow stairwells that have railings. For visitors who cannot or do not want to utilize the stairs, there is a video in the visitor center of the complete tour. Flooring throughout the capitol is made of wood.

Virtual tours are available by request and require two weeks' notice.

Picnic Area

Four picnic tables, including one extended-end table, are located in a shady area along Madison Street, behind the visitor center. There is no path leading to the tables, which sit on a wood chip surface surrounded by grass. The nearest water fountain is in the visitor center.


Currently, there are no restrooms on-site. The Visitor and Convention Bureau next door has accessible bathrooms and in Frontier Park are restrooms, including a family restroom, just across the street from the capitol building.

For more information or accommodation requests, please call the historic site at:

First Missouri State Capitol State Historic Site
200 S. Main St.
St. Charles, MO 63301-2855
1-800-379-2419 (TDD/TTY)

Last updated: June 2022