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at Felix Vallé House State Historic Site

Dr. Benjamin Shaw House

The site tour begins at the Shaw House, at the corner of Merchant and Second streets. The building may be reached by parking on Second Street and going through the wrought iron gates into the brick courtyard. This entrance has a curb cut and easy level access to the Shaw House. Inside, you will find a public restroom with a side-transfer toilet, accessible lavatory and electric hand dryer. The restroom facility is open for site visitors. The Shaw House includes the site office, gift shop and exhibits. Interpretive guides are available and will begin your tour here.

Felix Vallé House

Guides will escort tours across Second Street to the Felix Vallé House, where there is a cut-out curb crossing a sidewalk of fine gravel before turning into a relatively smooth flagstone path. Visitors may choose to enter the house from the front entrance on Merchant Street using relatively steep stone steps without railings or use the back porch entrance with wooden steps and a secure handrail.

Interior doorways are 26 inches wide with three-quarter-inch-high thresholds. Period furnishings throughout the home date from the 1830s. The restocked Menard and Vallé Store represents a mercantile establishment from the same time period. The tour continues up steep, railed steps to the bedrooms on the second floor. For those unable to take the tour, a photo album and written text of the tour are available.

For more information, contact the historic site:

Felix Vallé House State Historic Site
198 Merchant St.
P.O. Box 89
Ste. Genevieve, MO 63670-0089
1-800-379-2419 TDD

Last updated: April 2023