Recreational Trails Program (RTP) Grants

Recreational Trail Program Grants

In Missouri, RTP grants are open to local and state governments, school districts and nonprofit organizations. Missouri receives between $1 million and $1.5 million per fiscal year. The maximum amount awarded is $250,000 for trail projects. Sponsors must have a minimum 20% match. Projects must be open to the public.

Eligible Projects include:
  • Restoration of existing recreational trails.
  • Development and rehabilitation of trailside and trailhead facilities and trail linkages for recreational trails.
  • Construction of new recreational trails (with restrictions for new trails on Federal lands).
  • Acquisition of easements and property for recreational trails or recreational trail corridors.
  • Assessment of trail conditions for accessibility and maintenance.
Grant selection process

The 2024 RTP grant is currently closed. The 2025 RTP grant round will open in mid-December. The new application and Open Project Selection Process will be posted when the grant round opens.  

2024 Open Project Selection Process (Application Instructions)

2024 Project Application

Build America Buy America Waiver

Grant Application Workshop:

To view the 2024 RTP application Webex, go to the Grant Workshops page.

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Sign Requirements

Sign requirements include posting a sign near your trail project entrance. Signs can be ordered by calling Missouri Vocational Enterprises at 573-751-6663 or 800-392-8486.

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