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Off-Road Riding Rules

at Finger Lakes State Park

Purchase ORV Permits online by clicking here.

ORV permits sold online are for same-day use only. Riders can purchase their ORV permit before arriving to the park. Permits are nonrefundable and nontransferable. After purchasing an online permit for the specific park and vehicle type you select, you will receive a confirmation email that includes your receipt and permit. Simply present the permit, in paper or electronic form, at the window upon arrival at the park. Please be sure and read all of the information included on your confirmation letter and permit prior to arrival and bring along the appropriate riding gear. Riders must carry the permit with them at all times when operating the ORV vehicle.

ORV permits are also available at the park office upon arrival.

What you need before you ride 

  • Approved vehicles or equipment in the off-road vehicle (ORV) areas include all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), side-by-sides and motorcycles. An all-terrain vehicle is a motorized vehicle designed to be operated off road with handlebars for steering and a seat that is straddled by the operator. Side-by-side ORVs having a maximum width of 64 inches, seat belts and a certified roll-over protective structure are allowed in the ORV areas, but it is recommended they be kept on designated trails. Side-by-side ORVs are prohibited on the motocross track. Operators and passengers must wear seat belts and helmets when operating a side-by-side. 
  • Any automobile, pickup truck, Jeep, dune buggy or any equipment not meeting the above criteria is prohibited off the designated roadway. See riding rules for more information.
  • Permits can either be purchased online prior to arrival or at the park office upon arrival for $6 per vehicle, per day for ATVs and motorcycles, and $10 per vehicle, per day for UTVs. A permit is not required for entrance to Finger Lakes State Park. It is required for operation of an off-road vehicle in the ORV riding area. Operator must attach this permit to the ORV or have it in operator’s possession before entering the ORV area.
  • No passengers are permitted on ATVs or motorcycles. One rider per vehicle, unless the manufacturer has designed the ATV for more than one rider.
  • Operators of ATVs, motorcycles and side-by-sides must wear protective helmets that meet or exceed U. S. Department of Transportation of ANSI Z90.1 certification.
  • All ATVs and side-by-sides must be equipped with an orange flag measuring at least 64 square inches (6 x 9) displayed at the top of a flexible mast that is 72 inches in length.
  • All ATVs, motorcycles and side-by-sides must be equipped with functioning brakes, spark arrester and muffler, with noise level not to exceed 86 dba.

Who can ride?

  • Riders may only operate machines that the manufacturer recommends for their age group.
  • Operators under 16 years of age must have direct supervision of licensed adult while operating an ORV.
  • A Youth Riding Area is designed for riders 12 years of age and under. All youth riders must have direct supervision of an adult at all times.
  • If you have consumed or are under the influences of intoxicating alcohol or drugs, the operation of an ORV is prohibited.

Where can you ride?

  • ORVs must be unloaded and loaded at the motocross track or staging area parking lot only.
  • ORVs are prohibited on the sand beach, on the trails between the sand beach and area and the beach parking area, and around the park maintenance area.
  • Riding in the stream is prohibited under RSMo. 304.013 (2). Please use the creek crossing. Violations may result in permanent suspension of riding privileges and/or fines.
  • ORVs are prohibited from riding on or along paved roadways and paved parking areas, with the exception of the paved road to the motocross track.
  • Riding in the campground is prohibited. Campers may ride their ORVs from their campsites to the trailhead only. Please do not ride on the grass or to the showerhouse.
  • Speed limit within the motocross parking area, ORV staging area and pit area shall be 5 miles per hour. The speed limit in the designated buffer area between the pit area and ORV area shall be 10 miles per hour. No exhibition riding is permitted in any parking lot!
  • Side-by-side ORVs are prohibited on the motocross track.
ORV trailMotocross Track

The motocross track has motocross jumps and turns. The course loops around a 10-acre track. Parts of the course go through a wooded area and back in front of the grandstand area. The track is a part of the open riding area. A youth track is located southeast of the motocross track.

Youth Riding Area

This area is located southeast of the motocross track area. The youth size motocross track has been designed for youth under the age of 12 years and who are riding ORVs 80cc or under. Adult supervisor is required at all times. A parking lot, spectator bleacher and restrooms are available in the area.


  1. WARNING: There is an inherent risk in the participation in off-road vehicle (ORV) riding, which is a dangerous recreational activity that may result in serious injury to person or property, including, but not limited to, paralysis, brain damage, concussion, broken bones or death.

    User should be aware that trail conditions may change due to weather and other natural events and/or ORV operator use, and that marked or unmarked dangers may exist. The Missouri Department of Natural Resources does not make any representations, warranties or guarantees as to the fitness, safety or suitability of any portion of the ORV riding area (including, without limitation, any designated or undesignated trails) for any recreational use.

    User has been warned that accidents and collisions do occur and injuries may result, and therefore user assumes all the risk of injuries, and loss of or damage to property. Each ORV user participates at his or her own risk and has a duty to exercise good judgment and act in a responsible manner while participation in ORV riding.

    If a user commits any act that endangers the safety of their self or other persons, or violates any laws, rules, or special management regulations, riding privileges may be revoked without refund.

  2. In the event of an emergency, call 911. 
  3. The ORV area is subject to topographic changes. Be alert for inclines, changing slopes, and sudden drop-offs. Operators shall operate ORVs at a safe and prudent speed at all times.